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COVID-19 Service Update

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to put everyone in uncharted waters with updates and changes on a daily basis. As we have recently seen, many states, including Michigan, have adopted the “Shelter in Place” ordinance. With these new restrictions in place, EHIM would like to provide our clients with an update of how EHIM is supporting clients and members.

EHIM is considered an “essential business” and is allowed to remain open even with the “Shelter in Place” ordinance in effect. Our call centers will continue to remain open and available to our clients, members, pharmacies and physicians 24/7.

To support the social distancing efforts, we have put our call center members on rotations to further reduce the number of employees in the building at one time and relocated work stations to further separate those employees that must come into the office to perform essential job functions. With the rotations and remote work, from time to time you or our members may receive calls from our clinical team or call center with non-traditional office sounds in the back (i.e. pets and/or children). However, these sounds will not take away from our team members handling the calls through to resolution and we appreciate your acceptance during this time.

Additionally, EHIM continues to:

  • Require all non-essential EHIM employees to work remotely.
  • Prohibit our employees for conducting any face to face meetings or business travel
  • Increase the frequency of workstation cleanings and building cleanings
  • Prevent any employees from reporting to work if they do not feel well in general, or more specifically display any symptoms or have had contact with a person known or suspected to have COVID-19
  • Stress the importance to our staff to follow all of the other best practices and guidelines issued by the CDC.

As a Pharmacy Benefit Manager, we are an essential business and will continue to serve our members without disruption. Supporting our clients during this unprecedented time is our top priority. Our customer service team is available 24/7 at 800-311-3446.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 at 800-311-3446.

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