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The EHIM Experience

The EHIM ExperienceThe EHIM Experience is the foundation of our service philosophy. This philosophy provides a different experience than our clients are accustomed to. We believe the EHIM Experience can and will change your expectation.

Accountability Of Spend

EHIM’s plans are personalized for each client, allowing a business to determine how to manage their healthcare spending. Unseen in the industry, EHIM provides a level of care that is designed to not only save you money, but also to enhance your employees’ health.

Customization To Meet Your Member Needs

EHIM creates unique, cost-effective solutions one client at a time, ensuring that each plan is built for your needs. Customizable at any time, our team gives you complete flexibility, offering you the greatest return for your investment.

In-House Customer Service

As an EHIM client, a dedicated account manager will be there to assist with your questions and provide guidance for any changes. EHIM believes in providing excellent customer service based on customization, cost savings and full transparency.

Educational Outreach For Our Members

EHIM provides your members with the tools necessary to stay informed and engaged. Members have access to a member portal, written member materials, email communications and health events to stay up-to-date with all of their benefits.

Data Mining and Reporting

EHIM’s proprietary systems provide insightful customized reports for your business. Our clients receive more than pretty pictures; we provide data that enables you to make cost-effective decisions.