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Request A QuoteTo produce a medical quote, EHIM needs the following information to quote our services.

For a NEW Group that is not currently self-funding any portion of their medical plan, we need:

  1. A complete description of the group’s current program, including all riders, fixed dollar copays, etc.
  2. Current and/or renewal rates for the group’s currently enrolled plan
  3. Census of the number of single, two-person, family, family continuations:
    • Birth date or age
    • Gender
  4. Renewal date
  5. A complete description of the plan the group may want to purchase, including all riders, fixed dollar copays, etc.
  6. Rates for all programs chosen and/or quoted
  7. Desired agent commission ($2.50 PEPM is standard)

If a census is not available, a premium statement may provide enough information.  A rate sheet and/or renewal information may be provided in lieu of #2 listed above.

For a Group that currently has an HRA or wrap program in place, we will need:

  1. All of the above information
  2. Current administration fees
  3. Current TPA’s termination process

In order to expedite your request, an electronic format of claims data is helpful.  For more information, please contact us.