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Member InformationYour employer offers many excellent member benefits and services through EHIM as described below. We are proud of the customer service we provide, believing that each person is more than a just voice on the telephone. For additional details of each of these medical benefits or common reasons to call EHIM, select from any of the links below.

Special Medical Reimbursement Program
The Special Medical Reimbursement Program is by employers to their employees. This program provides additional cost sharing benefits for the employee.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Management
FSA Programs allow the employee to set aside pre-tax payroll dollars to pay for approved expenses that are not traditionally paid by your health insurance benefits.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Management
An HRA is part of your employee benefit plan. Your employer contributes money each year to help you pay for eligible healthcare products and services for you and your dependents not covered by any other source.

Debit Card Program
If your Employer offers a Debit Card as part of your Medical Reimbursement or FSA program, the card can be used for some copays, deductible and FSA eligible expenses.

Dental Plan Administration
EHIM offers self-funded dental plan administration for employers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question about deductibles? Wondering how to locate an in-network doctor? We have your answers to the most common benefits-related questions asked over the years.

If you would like information on submitting receipts or other documentation to help us process your FSA or Medical claim, please click here or contact the EHIM Medical Department Customer Service at 248-948-9900 or 800-311-3446.