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So Much More Than a PBM

Blonde pharmacist writing a prescriptionEHIM is one of the 25 largest PBMs in the country, offering a different experience than the standard Pharmacy Benefit Management companies across the US. With a network of over 64,000 pharmacies, EHIM serves nearly 3 million people with a personalized level of care. While most PBMs use a set formulary, EHIM collaborates with our clients to create a customized formulary that meets their needs.

This is the EHIM Experience…

EHIM provides a variety of other services to our PBM clients, each with the same care and experience visible throughout the organization.

  • 24/7/365 EHIM employees to address and answer all member/pharmacy questions
  • 100% customizable formularies for each client
  • Larger long-term savings through custom plan designs and emphasis on member education
  • Informational outreach to each customer detailing spend, trends and cost savings opportunities

EHIM Cares Program

The EHIM Cares program is our specialty drug solution that allows employers to manage their specialty medication costs before they arise. As the fastest growing class of medication costs, it is essential that your PBM has a proven strategy of outcome driven, cost containment solutions. Our proactive approach and custom formularies offer a solution to this growing trend.

Cost Effective Formularies

EHIM programs are designed to give members options that can help reduce their out of pocket while managing a client's overall prescription costs and trends. As part of our commitment, members can call EHIM 24 hours a day for assistance understanding their Rx benefits and options available to them.

Reporting and Metrics

EHIM maintains a flexible and powerful data warehouse that is used to generate a variety of useful reports. EHIM clients have access to numerous industry standard reports or can customize reports to meet their specific needs. A small sample of standardized reports includes a group trend report, performance review analysis, and a monthly group summary report.

The Right Choice

EHIM is a simple and seamless choice for any client wanting to provide the highest level of service and care to their employees/members. Contact EHIM today for your pharmacy benefit solution.