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Employer InfoAs a Third Party Administrator, EHIM specializes in Special Medical Reimbursement Programs (SMRPs) in which clients purchase high deductible health plans and partner with EHIM to provide reimbursement services for deductibles, coinsurance, office copayments, or other out of pocket costs. This type of program can lower overall healthcare costs while allowing the employer groups to continue to provide their members a rich benefit program.

Our SMRPs are customized to the client specifications while the administration of the program for the group and agent is effortless. EHIM has the ability to receive an electronic data transfer from the primary carrier, which allows efficient administration of the plan, a thorough claim review as it is being processed, and coordinated payments direct to the provider. EHIM’s hands on customer service and detailed reporting provide an open channel of communication between EHIM, the employer group, and member, as well as, full accountability of the program’s performance.

In addition to the SMRP offering, through our TPA division, EHIM provides a self-funded dental program and FSA/COBRA administration services.