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Debit Card

Many employers make a copay debit card available to their employees as part of their Medical Reimbursement or FSA Program. Rather than paying the full amount due to the provider and submitting for reimbursement, members and their covered dependents may use their debit card for any of the following services when the services are covered by their medical benefit plan*.

  • Office visit copay
  • Pharmacy copay
  • Chiropractic care copay
  • FSA eligible expense
  • Urgent care copay
  • ER copay
  • Deductible

To use the debit card, members and their eligible dependents should present their debit card at the time the service is provided. Debit cards can only be used at approved providers that accept MasterCard for services specific to your plan*. If you are not able to use your debit card, you will need to pay the copay at the time of service. You can submit a reimbursement request by completing the EHIM Medical Reimbursement Form.

If a debit card is included in your FSA program, please refer to the FSA Participant Portal Instruction page for more information

For more information please contact the EHIM Medical Department Customer Service at 248-948-9900 or 800-311-3446.

*Please check with your Benefits Administrator or your EHIM customer service representative for your specific debit card allowable expenses and limits.