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EHIM Online allows Plan Administrators to maintain their own group’s eligibility through EHIM’s secure website. Enrollments, terminations, and any other member changes can be securely entered through the web and EHIM’s system will be updated real-time. EHIMOnline also offers an extensive COBRA management function to help track a member’s COBRA pending phase (from the time COBRA is offered until it is accepted or declined), COBRA election through COBRA expiration.

Administrators utilizing EHIM Online are given a secure user name and password to access the system. Security is user based and user authorization can be given as read-only access (no changes to eligibility records can be made) or read-edit access (user has ability to view and edit eligibility records).

Log on to EHIMOnline

Plan Administrators utilizing EHIM Online also have the option to produce real-time eligibility reports. Based on the report perimeters the user selects, eligibility reports can include active members, terminated members, and even COBRA pending members. These reports can be printed or exported into various programs such as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel.