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Leadership Team

Mindi Fynke - President & CEO

Mindi FynkeMindi Fynke founded EHIM, Inc. in 1987 and has since driven the business to exponential growth as President and CEO of the company. Her leadership and development of EHIM’s business model have earned Ms. Fynke national notoriety and allowed EHIM to advance as one of the 25 largest pharmacy benefit managers in the country, servicing over two and a half million people. A Michigan State graduate, Ms. Fynke dedicates a great deal of her time to many national charitable organizations and is passionate about improving and giving back to the greater Detroit community.

Marcy Hilton - Chief Strategy Officer

Mindi FynkeAs EHIM’s Chief Strategy Officer, Marcy Hilton assists in defining, developing and implementing processes and policies that align with EHIM’s overall corporate goals. Her more than 13 years in various leadership roles with the company have given her the experience and insight necessary to lead EHIM into becoming one of the fastest growing PBMs in the nation. Through collaboration with the Sales, Compliance, IT, Marketing and Pharmacy team managers, Marcy helps to ensure consistency in EHIM product development, customer service, business development and operations. Marcy received her bachelors in Sociology and English from Central Michigan University.

Sean Bumstead - Chief Information Officer

Mindi FynkeSean Bumstead is the Chief Information Officer for EHIM and is the driving force behind leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge in the healthcare arena. He utilizes more than 20 years as a senior technologist, program director, inventor, and entrepreneur designing and executing IT strategy to create and implement the end-to-end technology that supports our company, its partners and members. He holds various degrees and certifications in IT, engineering, communications, business and commerce from Carnage Melon University, GMU, Ferris State University and Baker University.

Chris Sirianni - Chief Financial Officer

Mindi FynkeAs EHIM’s Chief Financial Officer, Chris Sirianni oversees the company’s corporate finances, including performing financial reporting, audits, treasury management and financial forecasting. Chris brings multiple years of valuable expertise in cross-industry finances and accounting. His dedication, insight and attention to detail make him a valuable member of the EHIM team. Chris is a graduate of Michigan State University where he received his Masers of Science and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting.

Mona Hamood - Director of Pharmacy Administration

Mindi FynkeMona Hamood brings over 25 years of experience in the pharmacy managed care industry having served in the prescription benefit management and corporate retail pharmacy administration for EHIM.  As Director of Pharmacy Administration, Ms. Hamood is actively involved in plan design, drug utilization and cost containment strategies. She is responsible for driving a consistent and comprehensive clinical care strategy for specialty pharmacy that maximizes resources, reflects best practices and is based on clinical trends and data. Ms. Hamood received her Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University.