EHIM’s independence and commitment to the clients and members we serve enable us to remain at the forefront of innovation and trend setting. The upcoming year serves as an exciting time as we expand our offerings and expertise in the biggest impacts to the pharmacy benefit management world.

Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform was a necessity in life as a result of how our current healthcare system works. With the rise in unemployment, and more people losing their benefits every day, there is no question we desperately need a new delivery system for healthcare. This truly is going to be an incredible process, and will evolve over time.

EHIM views healthcare reform as the perfect opportunity to be a part of this process. Our core business is providing healthcare solutions. We look forward to being part of the navigation system pointing direction to employers, their employees, and to the individual market with how reform and the pharmacy component can positively impact them. Healthcare Resources are now available.

Advancements in Therapy Treatment

As more expensive medication treatments including biotech injectables continue to enter the market, EHIM has solutions to help offset the potential increases with unique plan options. One area EHIM is expanding in the coming year is a holistic medication platform to encourage the use of certain supplements and vitamins that are substantiated today with scientific evidence to improve various conditions.


The $4 Generic Commitment

Many pharmacy chains are lowering the costs on hundreds of medications for members, including the offer of a $4/month price. All EHIM members are given this benefit enhancement at the participating pharmacy, and do not have to sign up for additional memberships to receive the benefit. In fact, many medications fall below $4 through our negotiated rate.

As part of a commitment to our members, they can call EHIM 24 hours a day for assistance in finding medications that may help lower their out-of-pocket costs.