As a full service healthcare solutions company, EHIM can offer several different types of services to clients. EHIM provides traditional PBM services to administer a self-funded pharmacy program customized to the specific client. We are one of the only, if not the only, PBM with a rebate-free business model. EHIM believes a preferred drug should be selected because of its clinical efficacy to the member, not because of rebate dollars. A member’s healthcare should be determined based on medical necessity – not a profit margin to his or her carrier. EHIM has complete autonomy from the pharma industry, which gives EHIM the freedom to offer customized plan options that fit the financial and non-financial needs of our clients. EHIM’s customized plans, our attention to detail, and detailed reporting result in one of the lowest pharmacy trends in the country.

Educating our Members

EHIM’s focus is on education. We strongly believe in educating members on what their benefits are, options available to them, and how to maximize their benefit dollars. For Plan Sponsors, we focus on providing a robust suite of reports and hands-on plan and clinical reviews so our clients are making informed decisions about their healthcare plans that will meet their financial and non-financial goals.

EHIM services clients from virtually every industry including:

  • Privately held companies
  • Public corporations
  • School Districts
  • Municipalities

EHIM administers a self-funded pharmacy program for privately held companies, public corporations, unions, as well as federal and local government contracts.  Our member focus is on patient education, therapy compliance, and ways to promote efficient utilization to maximize the dollars spent on prescription medication.  Examples of member education would be on over the counter (OTC) alternatives in lieu of prescription-only high cost brand medications, generic alternatives, more cost-effective brand alternatives, as well as the importance of therapy compliance to help reduce out of pocket costs, and even exploration of the feasibility of Patient Assistance Programs for Specialty Medications.  These initiatives are focused on allowing the members to maximize the benefits they have to make their dollars go farther.