Excellent customer service + managed healthcare + cost containment = EHIM

That’s who we are, and more. EHIM isn’t just one of the fastest growing Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) in America (we service more than two and a half million people around the country), we’re a company whose CEO, Mindi Fynke, helped pioneer programs that enhance employee benefits while saving money for members and employers.

Photograph courtesy of Dan Lippitt.

Sure, we can pat ourselves on the collective back, but for good reason. EHIM has been so successful that we have client retention rates of more than 95 percent and have experienced double-digit growth every year for the last decade. That wasn’t a typo. A 95 percent client retention rate, with double-digit growth the last decade. That’s serious loyalty we’re talking about, and it goes both ways.

More than twenty years of experience and unparalleled customer service has made EHIM a trusted pharmacy service partner for hundreds of organizations, including: municipalities, school districts, local and regional government entities, the National Guard, NOAA Wage Mariners, the Veterans Administration, and more.

The Keys to Success

Two keys to the ongoing success of our company are round-the-clock customer service – callers are always routed to a live representative, never an endless voice-response network – and an in-house IT support and development staff. The IT support and development staff is responsible for a unique and customizable technology platform that constantly adapts to customer needs.

And one more thing to keep in mind: Unlike other PBM players, our company has never participated in controversial rebate programs that, ultimately, prevent customers from getting the most value for their dollars.

Remember: EHIM = excellent customer service + managed healthcare + cost containment.