EHIM is far more than the sum of its people. We’re a philosophy-driven company dedicated to helping our members find the best, most cost-effective healthcare solutions possible. How? Ask anyone of our nearly 100 employees, and you’ll surely get a different answer every time. But to uncover clues, you have to peak behind the scenes for a look at the departments that keep EHIM running seamlessly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Interested in learning more? Then read on.



The Accounting department at EHIM is the behind the scenes staff that oversees and maintains our group’s invoicing, payment, and funding processes. We ensure that claims are paid and reconciled to the appropriate client, pharmacy, or provider in an expedited manner, reducing or eliminating any concern an individual may have on the payment status of their claims. In addition, our staff works with our group contacts to explain and assist with any questions or concerns that may arise from the payment and invoicing processes.


We provide continuous internal auditing of our group accounts, detailed reporting of transaction invoices and funding requirements, and valuable accounting customer service. Our staff consists of experienced accounting personnel in the health service sector with the ultimate goal of providing a seamless accounting process for our clients.


EHIM’s Analytics Department is responsible for all data analysis within our industry including Pharmacy Benefit Management, Third Party Administration, Workers Comp, and Auto. We assist our internal staff, agents and consultants in an effort to design cost effective programs for clients. Our programs are tailored to fit the financial needs and clinical objectives that continue to be competitive in today’s market.

Client Services

At the heart of EHIM’s Client Service department is our Account Management team that is dedicated to providing stellar support, interaction, and communication for all of EHIM’s clients. Account Managers are the primary contact for current clients and their agents from implementation through the on-going day to day support and maintenance of these accounts. Our Account Managers are dedicated to meeting our clients needs, providing expert assistance and service management. Our focus remains on providing second to none delivery and quality of our services to all clients, their members, agents, and consultants.

Human Resources

Our human resources team is truly comprised of all of our employees from the CEO to our interns. Mindi has duplicated herself a little all the way around every department. Everyone interacts as a support and resource to one another. Our HR Department is a very caring and knowledgeable team that functions seamlessly from interviewing and hiring to payroll and benefits through our employee development within their role and their possible advancement.
Information Technology

EHIM’s Information Technology department operates on the motto “if it uses electricity, it’s our responsibility.” EHIM’s IT department builds and maintains all of the custom software which is core to our business including our pharmacy systems, medical claims processing systems, eligibility management, internal and external web-sites, data warehouses and much more. IT is also responsible for all of the tools that employees rely on every day to do their jobs: desktop computers, email, phones, Blackberries, printers, copiers and everything that we depend on in the 21st century. At the center of it all, our infrastructure team oversees EHIM’s robust network, server and security architecture. We work with a variety of key partners, including Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, Dell, HP and many others.

EHIM’s Legal Department is responsible for any issues which require legal guidance during the course of business ranging from contract review and execution to risk assessment and marketing plans for new products or services EHIM develops and brings to market. EHIM’s legal team consists of members with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to allow EHIM maximum diversification and representation.

EHIM’s Medical Claims team handles each claim with care to ensure that your claim is processed quickly, efficiently and accurately. The Medical Department utilizes a state of the art proprietary claims processing system that allows us to provide “hands on” care with the speed of electronic processing. Our experienced and friendly staff puts the “customer first” and is known for handling your claim with confidentiality and maintaining a dignified approach to handling even the smallest of issues. Rest assured that the Medical Claims Staff will handle your claim with the attention that will leave a smile on your face.

EHIM’s Pharmacy Division is involved in every aspect of our client’s prescription drug benefits from needs assessment through implementation. Our pharmacy experts work collaboratively to provide daily administrative and operational plan support, review and analysis as well as recommendations for maximizing plan savings. Our Pharmacy Call Center is committed to providing the highest level of customer support to plan members and pharmacies.


The EHIM Sales department is committed to developing sustainable relationships while providing the tools, time, resources and structure to build significant distribution channels for our partners. Our organization, coupled with our established agency network and industry leading professionals, allow us to meet the needs of our agents and the thousands of clients they serve. Our sales department is committed to open communication and quality service, which means a willingness to listen, act and acquire the means to better develop customer relations, follow up and education.